baseball! baseball! baseball!

Shortly, as in four hours from now, the San Francisco Giants begin their title defense. The team is largely the same as the one that captured the World Series on 11/01/10. Same rotation but without Edgar Renteria and Juan Uribe and with Miguel Tejada and Brandon Belt. This is good. The Giants are built around starting pitching and they have it in abundance.

Tim Lincecum
Matt Cain
Jonathan Sanchez
Madison Bumgarner
Barry Zito

Just typing it all out feels pretty remarkable.

oh...try this....Buster Posey.


Feels good.

I feel great about this season and this team. I think they are going to win the West and then make noise in the playoffs. I've got them finishing with 94 wins and Brandon Belt winning Rookie of the Year. The five starters are going to combine for 70 wins and Brian Wilson is going to save 46 games. Aaron Rowand is going to be released by July 1st and Miguel Tejada is going to be a serviceable shortstop. The Giants are going to draw 3.2 million fans, though, only the die hards are going to come out to see the Pirates on a cold Monday night.

Let's go Giants.

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