the purposeful porpoise

It's Thursday now and Osama Bin Laden is still the lead story. The viewing public is processing a slightly unpleasant idea, that is, the Navy Seals weren't sent in to capture Bin Laden, they were sent to kill him. He was, in a sense, assassinated. I do believe he was an enemy combatant, and given the chance I'm sure he'd have loved to take out a few Navy Seals on his way to the next life, yet, the emerging details suggest he could have been captured. It was a long road to frontier justice and if anything, this proves that the US still partially abides by the code of the west. Myself, I'd have liked him to have been found guilty at trial and then left to rot in prison for the rest of his life. We could have used frozen and seized al qaeda funds to pay the bill and after locking the cell denied him every last bit of due process. Keep him alive and give him years and years to sit in a dark concrete room and only turn the lights on long enough to pass on whatever great things America accomplishes in the future. Perhaps even rig up a projector and stream American Exceptionalism onto his wall. But I might be misguided in this idea. Perhaps shooting an unarmed man in the head and then feeding him to sharks was the best path to justice.

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andrea zincker said...

i read this morning in the paper: "the nobel peace winner has send his men to murder a men and throw it to the sea" something strange cross my heart at that moment..

certainly the fear now is bigger then what it was a week ago, i question myself what happend to obamas promises about ending the" army way" as a peace strategy . I think that this movement was made with their minds in the next elections.